How does a payday loan request work?

A loan is a sum of money that a credit institution (bank or finance company) corresponds to a customer for different purposes. The personal loan meets a need for liquidity of those who request it, for the most varied reasons: from the renovation of the house to unforeseen medical expenses to travel and holidays. In the event that the loan is instead required for the purchase of a specific asset directly to the retailer (which becomes an intermediary), it is called a loan (for example, to buy a car, a piece of furniture or an appliance in installments).

In order to apply for a loan you must be of legal age (credit institutions also indicate a maximum age, at their discretion), have residence or domicile in Italy and prove to have sufficient income to pay the installments on a regular basis.

If you have these characteristics, the next step is to evaluate creditworthiness.

Banks and credit institutions, as lenders, access the data contained in the credit information systems, to assess the credit situation of the applicant.

Who needs to obtain a loan can also carefully evaluate the various offers on the market, to move towards the one that best meets their needs, inquiring about the amount of the loan, the possibility and timing of installments, rates and any costs of investigation and other expenses ancillary (such as insurance).

Once you have identified the bank (or financial), the most suitable options and provided all the necessary documents, these will be examined to evaluate the feasibility of the loan.

At the time of signing the contract, it is advisable to read it in full, paying attention to the rates, to the details relating to the installments, to any incidental expenses and to the withdrawal procedures. As with the online services we sign up for, it is very important to be aware of the terms of use.

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